About El Rancho Escondido

Ranch for Sale, El Rancho Escondido, South Western New Mexico

Beautiful, hidden, one-of-a-kind pueblo-style adobe ranch for sale in South Western, New Mexico.

  • The Ranch house: 25 acres containing house, garage, workshop, barn and barnyard – buildings are all of adobe construction, connected.
  • The ranch house is pueblo style adobe containing approximately 3,071 square feet, 12 rooms.
  • Entrance to the house is by passing through a newly developed walled garden on the west side of the building.
  • Water for the ranch is supplied by the windmill and two 1,700 gallon water storage tanks. The windmill is backed by a portable generator.
  • Electricity for the ranch is supplied by a public server. All power lines are buried to the house and barn with 110 and 220 volts available.

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