The Garage, Barn, Barnyard, and Garden

Ranch for Sale, El Rancho Escondido, image of barn and barnyard

Have livestock? The barn and barnyard help you get work done.

  • Just off the barn is the garage area which has two-vehicle ports, a workshop and a storage area, and connects to the ranch house (south), and barn (north).
  • The barn and barnyard contains stalls, pens, corrals, a training pen, 2 water tanks, a loading chute and more for working with your livestock - feeding, watering, and training your livestock.
  • A large 50' round pen is invaluable for ground training horses.
  • South of the complex is a four bay storage shed for your additional vehicles, tractors and trailers.
  • Have a green thumb? The outer garden is a fenced off area for planting vegetables, and more.
  • Included is a tool shed for garden tools.

2-Car Garage 36.6' x 27' deep

  • The garage is connected to the house and the barn.
  • It has storage space, and includes the workshop.
  • The garage is adjacent to the barn, and accessible via the small portal

Workshop 26' x 11'

  • The workshop is just off of the garage area. See pictures for '2 Car Garage' above.
  • The workshop contains two work benches, and storage for tools large and small.
  • The overhead door to the workshop is lockable.

Tack Room 14' x 13'

  • At the far end of the barn portal is the door to the tack room.
  • The tack room is fitted with saddle racks, a medicine cabinet, and a halter and bridle rack.

Feed Storage Room 24' x 15'

  • Feed storage room holds more than 100 3-wire-tied bales of hay, which is approximately 4 tons of livestock feed. There are several barrels for grain.
  • There are two entrances to this room, one exits to the west for access to the barn from the outside, and
  • The other exit connects to the small barn portal.

Small Barn Portal 52' x 6'

  • It is a covered walkway that is the south facing wall of the barn
  • Contains dutch doors for the two box stalls.
  • It gives entrance to the tack room, feed storage, storage room, two box stalls, and the loafing shed.

Box Stalls (x2) 26' x 13' each

  • Each box stall is contained and is connected to a separate run.
  • Dutch doors allow passage between the barn portal and the runs.

Livestock Run (x2) 46' x 16' each

  • Each barnyard run has a gate at the end which connects to the barnyard alley.
  • Each barnyard run has access to one of 2 large metal stock water tanks.

Loafing Shed 20' x 10'

  • The loafing shed is setup for feeding several animals, and is partially covered.
  • Has access to one of 2 large metal stock water tanks.
  • Connects to the open corral.

Open Corral 41' x 35'

  • Used for holding and sorting livestock
  • Connects to the alley and to two outer livestock pens (traps), and then the pastures beyond.

Double Pens 40' x 16'

  • Includes necessary livestock squeeze chutes
  • Connects to the alley.

Alley 78' x 10'

  • The alley runs the outer length of the barnyard.
  • Each pen has a gate into the alley.
  • The alley opens into the loading chute, also into the outer livestock pens (traps), and the pastures beyond.

Loading Chute 16' x 3'

  • Designed to accomodate trailer loading.

Outer Storerooms (x2) 15' x 10' each

  • The outer storerooms are useful for storing household goods.
  • One small storeroom is entered from the barn portal. The other entrance is on the east face of the building.

50' Round Pen 50' round

  • 50' round pen is invaluable for ground training horses.

Outer Sheds (x2)  

  • Both sheds (machine shed, garden tool shed) are completely separate from the ranch house, and barn area.
  • Machine shed has 4 bays for storage, vehicles, tractors, and trailers. It is located south of the ranch house.
  • Garden tool shed is located in the fenced garden area which is just off the south west side of the ranch house.


  • Large fenced area for gardening.
  • Garden tool shed is located within the garden area.